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Through our passion, we started to dive in lakes, streams, rivers, seas and oceans.
By these discoveries, we have gradually realized the importance of the seabed on our ecosystem.

Helping to inform the maximum, we can also pass on the heritage that does not belong to us. 3/4 of the planet is covered with water. 70% of the oxygen comes from the oceans. The Gulf Stream governs global climate. Much information that many people do not know

During our meetings with other "men (women) - divers", many are surprised at the difficulty of obtaining information on the dive sites in the world, sites that can be found anywhere on the web but not always easily.

Diving enthusiasts and lecturing for several years, we are always looking for new places to offer and more choices of destinations.


Our goal

Whether you're an deginner or  a professional, this site is here to help you find your dive sites and also to share your experiences and knowledge of the marine world.

You can also make you understand or develop your business by sharing
your passion.

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February 13th, 2012

Diving Award: dolphin subscription for Mares!


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