Beuchat this year focuses on the cold, renew some products that have proven themselves standing out for example a new version of the Jetfin, and offers a complete range of luggage diving, effective mix of stiffness and lightness.
A new line of bags, semi-rigid, yet lightweight

Beuchat is launching a full line of semi-rigid bag with a rear seat preformed on wheels, but manage to stay light: results for the general model, we gain a pre kilo and a half compared to an equivalent rigid, while avoiding the bag collapses! The range also increases the details, such as the ID card of the traveler, the accessory pocket with carrying strap, zips coated with grommets for security locks, compression straps to adjust the volume, ventilation eyelets a compartment inner thread of the inner belts and adjustable to maintenance of the effects. The range consists of four bags, Cabin Voyager Voyager XL 42 liters 137 liters.

Voyager XL Voyager XL Bag 137 liters 3.5 kg

A roller bag specifically designed to carry diving equipment in the center or travel. Two compartments: one dedicated to business and a dedicated wet dry business

Voyoger XL


Voyager L The Voyager Bag 78 liters 3.2 kg

A trolley bag suitable for a week of travel or movement.

Voyager L

Voyager CABIN Cabin Bag Voyager 2.2 kg 42 liters

A practical and durable bag for traveling short and can travel with the travel cabine.Compatible XL.




February 13th, 2012

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